So long and thanks for all the clickbait

So long and thanks for all the clickbait

Anyone who knows me certainly knows how verbose I can be in writing, if not necessarily in person (Dickens is my linguistic inspiration, so there’s that). Writing long, detailed posts on Facebook doesn’t seem to receive as much traction as say, a video of an angry cat wearing knitted kitty socks while jumping on a trampoline with jingle bells around its neck. Or links to articles that all basically begin with “A man was brushing his teeth. YOU WON’T BELIEVE WHAT HAPPENS NEXT.” See what I mean about verbosity? And yeah, I’m pretty sure I won’t be shocked out of my chair by whatever happens next. Unless it involves aliens, go away.

This forum allows me to delve more deeply into subjects that interest me the most. I do not intend to push an agenda or a particular world view, although my stance on particular issues may become apparent in the course of writing certain pieces. What I’ll write here are simply the thoughts of a curious and open-minded person, who may at times wax poetic about space and travel and philosophy and how I recently learned to cook an amazing Indian dish. Nothing too complicated, right?

But hopefully, this blog will show a more accurate representation of who I really am and my actual thoughts on a wide range of subjects. On Facebook and Twitter, I’m limited not only in how exploratory I can be of ideas, but what ideas I can actually post about. Here, I intend to be more open about my thoughts and delve deeper into issues of personal importance. Again, if you know me then you know I’m a space junkie. Not many people on Facebook care to hear about the minutia of the feasibility of sending a probe to Alpha Centari, but I find such things interesting and I’ll write about them here.

And like all other social platforms, I invite others to join in the discussion. I hope to provide here a quiet, rational forum for discourse where all opinions matter, as long as those opinions treat others with respect. Nobody’s too good for the Golden Rule.

If nothing else, I hope what I write here piques your interest and inspires you to delve into these subjects more deeply. But most of all, I hope you enjoy what you read. Let’s blog!